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ManuFuture Today: Image Analytics and Privacy-Preserving Benchmarking

Real-Time Production Monitoring Community: Do you have real-time factory floor information at your fingertips? Do you know what machines are running and what machines are not? How many parts were made last hour, last shift? This working community brings together manufacturers looking to connect their factory floor equipment to answer those questions. Partner and engage with peer manufacturers on this journey, and see what has worked and not worked for others. See how research students and projects are helping manufacturers unlock the knowledge in primary machine data from low-cost, low-technology devices and solutions.

Entry conditions

• Members agree that this is a collaborative platform to connect, communicate, and exchange ideas and information. This is not a selling platform. • Members must demonstrate through their participation, their interest in the development, growth, direction, and sustainability of the network. • To maintain membership: members must continue to meet the commitment levels of their Cohort group (Learning or Project).

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