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Some Of Our Latest Developments

The Business Case for Digital Transformation: The Shop Floor Perspective

Tim Stuart from Visual Decisions, looked at the same question — creating value frm digital transformation — from the perspective of the shop floor. Some of his key points:  Is
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The Business Case for Digital Transformation: The CEO Perspective

On December 14, we conducted the next in our series of workshops to accelerate the digital transformation of manufacturing. We explored two different dimensions. The first is the CEO perspective.
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Driving R&D in Manufacturing | Ali Shakouri Podcast

Ali Shakouri sat down with Jeff Ton to explore how we can assist smaller manufacturers on thie digital journey. You can listen to the podcast here.
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Harvard Business Review focuses on ManuFuture Today

Willy Shih, a leading manufacturing scholar at the Harvard Business School teamed with Ali Shakouri, a leader of ManuFuture Today to publish an article, “How Smaller Manufacturers Can Upgrade Their
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Research: Profiting From Data Commons

ManuFuturew Today is exploring how we might generate and share data among smaller manufacturers, in order to speed their digital transformation. Large companies have an internal infrastructure to capture and
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Why Choose our Learning communities

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Connect to Other Manufacturers

ManuFuture Today's real value comes in connecting manufacturers with each other. That’s how manufacturers learn best: learn-by-doing coupled with peer-to-peer learning.

Start with our AI Community

Your journey with us starts in our AI Community. It’s free. There, you will meet the manufacturers and researchers driving this platform.

Supported by a Research Network

Every digital journey is different, and each one starts with a lot of questions. You can quickly tap into a network of leading edge researchers experienced in enabling technologies. They can provide you with reliable, practical guidance quickly.