Tim Stuart from Visual Decisions, looked at the same question — creating value frm digital transformation — from the perspective of the shop floor. Some of his key points: 

  • Is there one department that is driving digital transformation? There are many different places to start the digital transformation journey. 
  • Are you doing a digital transformation of the enterprise or a digital solution to an immediate problem? Think about:
    • Value and time-to-value
    • Use case selection: there are hundreds of places to start. Am I focused on a narrow focus or am I designing a digtal transformation for the business
  • Resources: What are the time constraints? Can I bring in external resources? 
  • Readiness: Is my network ready? Do I have cybersecurity in place? Do people on the shop floor have the skills and behavior flexibility? 
  • Impact on production: How disruptive will your digital initiative be?
  • Focus on ease of implementation. Don’t start with an initiative that requires a huge effort. Focus on small initiatives that can scale. 

You will not get the performance you want unless you also focus on the changing skills, behaviors, and routines needed to suppoort the digital change. 

“Just buying a FitBit will not make you lose weight.” 

You can get access to Tim’s video and slides by joining our open community: ManuFuture Today: Leveraging AI for Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturers.

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